release on August 25

Revenge Soldiers

A group of young orphans has reached adulthood and each of them is forced to grapple with his or her past. It has not been an easy life, but to be a Revenge Soldier is to live by the Code. Their Code governs every aspect of their lives, from birth to death, defining every thought, shaping every action. Now they stand at a crossroads, all of them as they face their greatest battle ever, and their final one. Their own brother Johannas has gone insane and he is bent on destroying the human race, achieving his genocide via killer plants, soul sucking and a deadly pandemic!

Each of them must wrestle with the demons of their past while facing down the most deadly adversary possible. It is an epic 7 day battle to the death and anything, anything can happen. Johannas can read their thoughts, and even force them to destroy themselves. To the very end this is a pulse pounding thriller which challenges the reader and tests the bounds of reality. What is family and what would you do to protect them? How far would you go? The answer may cost you your life.